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When it comes to flooring materials, it can seem like hardwood is hard to beat. Unfortunately, hardwood floors are not well-suited to all spaces, given wood’s tendency to mildew and warp when exposed to moisture. Luckily for Cypress homeowners who can’t get enough of hardwood’s visual appeal, wood-look tile is a stylish and realistic alternative. Read on to discover the many uses and benefits of wood-look tile!


Wood-look tile is made of ceramic or porcelain, and is printed to have the appearance and texture of hardwood, offering Cypress homeowners many of the same aesthetics as real wood. What’s more, though hardwood prices can vary substantially by wood species, wood-look tiles are more consistently priced than hardwood, since the cost of the material remains roughly the same, even as print differs. When shopping for wood-look tile, your budget can take a backseat to your taste.


Tile is remarkably water- and humidity-resistant. Because of its moisture-safe properties, wood-look tile can look good for decades with only minimal maintenance, even in areas prone to spills. Tile also requires little day-to-day maintenance. When your wood-look tile floors are dirty, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth.


Wood-look tile is most commonly used in areas of the home where installing hardwood is impractical due to moisture concerns. If you love the look of hardwood, you can use wood-look tile to achieve your dream design in humid or wet areas. Harness the water-resistant properties of wood-look tile by installing it in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

Since tile care is relatively low-maintenance, wood-look tile is also well-suited to high-traffic areas. Places with more foot traffic will get dirty more quickly, so it’s a good idea to choose a flooring that doesn’t require a fussy cleaning routine. Installing wood-look tile in busier areas of your Cypress home is the first step to hassle-free cleanup.

Although wood-look tile is a durable, stylish choice for many spaces, there are some properties
of hardwood that it simply can’t replicate. Tiles are harder and tend to feel colder to the touch
than hardwood. This attribute can actually make wood-look tiles especially appealing to homeowners in hot climates. However, wood-look tile may not be a good fit for areas like the bedroom, where extra underfoot comfort is desired.

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