Specialized Flooring Materials in Houston, TX

We provide many different specialized flooring options, including those that are not mainstream options. These types of flooring are more niche or serve a special purpose wherever they are installed.

This includes flooring like rubber, natural sisal flooring, linoleum, bamboo, and cork flooring. All are available to you and can be installed professionally to your home or business.

Benefits of Specialized Flooring Materials

Flooring such as rubber and cork are durable and more comfortable to walk and stand on.

Cork flooring comes in a variety of styles and colors, making the flooring not only eco-friendly but versatile as well!

Linoleum flooring is also a very green product, as it is made from natural materials like linseed oil, recycled wood fiber, cork dust, and limestone. Which also makes is anti-bacterial and biodegradable.

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